Senco Fusion Technology: The way forward for Pneumatic Tools

Senco continues to be lengthy and globally recognized among the most integral and innovative builders of power fastening and pneumatic equipment. Actually, for pretty much six decades they’ve been growing the pneumatic industry along with the interest in pneumatic items by having an extensive type of nailers, staplers, and screwguns thoroughly made to transform pneumatic power and gratifaction.

Now, despite consistently blazing new pathways within the pneumatic community, Senco has presently and completely surpassed itself paving a completely new and sparkling highway using their exclusive Senco Fusion Technology. Uniting good both pneumatic and cordless technologies, Senco Fusion ditches cords, hoses, fuel cells, and basically your competition supplying an easy-weight, well-balanced, no-maintenance, uninhibited pneumatic gun. With the strength of Lithium Ion Phosphate and having the ability to shoot nails hard, fast, and secure with ethereal ease and precision, Senco Fusion nailers really are a new types of gun with a brand new group of completely exploded standards and anticipations.

Powered by having an advanced and exclusive Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery system, the various tools are sleek, light-weight and perfectly balanced which are more comfortable operation. Since the battery system furthermore receives an 80% charge in just fifteen minutes along with a complete charge in just 45, Senco Fusion Technology redefines the builder idea of power productivity and efficiency at work. The brand new fusion nailers furthermore feature Senco’s patented Reflex Shot mechanism which provides an immediate trigger response to have an instant shot, no dallying, as much as 500 drives per charge.

Fusion makes all of this happen having a gear box and lifter which together pressure the piston and driver blade against a recycling pocket of self-contained air (or, more precisely, nitrogen) within the cylinder. This course of action compresses that nitrogen enabling it to strongly and consistently drive nails using the simple pull of the trigger. Furthermore, the environment pressure within the gun is pre-set and permanently sealed during fabrication and, allegedly, requires simply no recharging.

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Billy Lerner