Android Watch Phone – The Right Wearable Device?

For a lot of us, the right wearable device ought to be one which matches nicely and it has numerous helpful features. True, google’s Glass is among the best wearabale products ever created. Google’s Glass is helpful and you may put on it just like a spectacle and do a large number of awesome things by using it.

However may be the Android phone watch far behind? Is that this Android device the right wearable device? To reply to this fairly, one would need to ask what all characteristics should an ideal wearable device have?

The fundamentals

Any device nowadays, to begin with, needs to involve some exciting features. To put it simply, any device shouldn’t have only what individuals expect from this but additionally another special features too. Now, what can you anticipate from an Android watch phone? You may expect it to achieve the capacity to operate some Google Play store apps, as it is Android. You may expect it to do the part of the ‘phone’, as it is known as a wrist watch phone. The Android watch phone fulfils its fundamental anticipations admirably. Many of these products have Android version 5.2. There is a talk-duration of around five hrs or even more, that makes it an operating device. Additionally, it includes a standby duration of 5 days. It appears very presentable – many of these watch phones have two volume buttons around the left along with a menu and power button on the other hand, departing the very best surface smooth and sleek.

The extras

You may want the unit to possess a couple of add-ons that aren’t its fundamental features. The Android watch phone has all of the features you can possible consider – camera, mp 3 audio recorder, mp4 format video player, Bluetooth abilities, built-in speaker and mike, expanding memory, internal Gps navigation antenna that supports sat nav, a Wi-Fi Internet Browser, and much more Thus the Android watch phone incorporates every feature you can desire from the small portable wearable device.


Finally, the right wearable device should hold its very own against its competitors. The unit performs this handsomely. Most products we view previously, don’t really fulfil the anticipations that arise using their name. The The new sony ‘Live-view’ device for instance, is simply a Bluetooth accessory. The sixth Generation ipod device Nano could be worn like a watch, what allows it lower are its restrictions – you aren’t permitted to upload your personal watch-faces, and there’s no wireless capacity, that makes it impossible to inform the right time except when it’s linked to your personal computer running iTunes.

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