How Safe is Your VoIP Service?

Your day starts and ends. Are you aware where your unused Voice over internet protocol (Voice-Over-IP) minutes are?

This is a fair and urgent question all of us must make a list of following a Florida businessman lower in Miami is charged with stealing the unused minutes of unsuspecting Voice over internet protocol clients and reselling these to pocket a awesome profit of $a million dollars.

Voice over internet protocol technology enables individuals to carry phone conversations on the internet, in most cases at rates less expensive compared to regular phone companies. The Voice over internet protocol company which i use, for instance, enables me to speak inside the U . s . States for 1.8 cents one minute. Lots of overseas locations, including China, cost between two to five cents one minute.

The alleged crime under consideration involves hacking right into a company’s network and taking advantage of its IP link with route the stolen Voice over internet protocol calls without having to pay any network charges.

The Florida man is charged with selling ten million phone minutes and it is facing two decades in prison along with a fine of $250,000 when the pricing is shown to be true.

Appears like following the ubiquitous e-mail infections, IM junk e-mail and denial-of-service attacks, now it’s VoIP’s use bear the brunt of those criminal attacks to scam most effective and quickest and held companies hostage.

Seshu Madhavapeddy may be the leader of Sipera Systems of Richardson, Texas, which marketplaces security programs to safeguard against similar Voice over internet protocol attacks. Cited by, Madhavapeddy stated the threat is extremely real and also the people “have to know that older data-oriented home security systems won’t adequately safeguard their Voice over internet protocol infrastructure.”

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