Business Networking – To Decorate Or Otherwise to decorate (That’s the issue)

People form a viewpoint individuals inside the first 7 seconds of lounging eyes for you. Notice I didn’t say meeting you. Once that opinion is created by someone, the relaxation of times is spent with that person looking for evidence to aid that opinion.

Terrific news, right? On one side, we ought to not waste our way of life attempting to please others, but however, don’t let attempt to influence their opinions about us with this appearance? Well, why the heck not? I am talking about, this is an easy factor to complete and there’s an additional help to us – when we look great, we generally feel great, too. And our attitude helps not just our productivity, it may also help our overall health.

Now I’ve been responsible for this myself, so don’t believe I am attempting to preach here. State that you are a landscape contractor or that your company is fitness. In the event you attend a networking event inside your “industrial” uniform? I am talking about, in your soul grime covered dungarees or shorts? Possibly inside your sweaty leotards? You might be thinking, “I would like them to be aware what I actually do and just how devoted and busy I’m, and besides, I simply originated from work.” I have done that. If timing is tight which only happens from time to time, that’s okay. Not the finish of the business community. But consider this – regardless of what you need to do for the money, be it bronc riding, personal fitness training, creating fires, chasing after UFO’s, whatever, you need to be seen as an “Business Professional.”

This means that you are taking your company seriously and also you DO your company whether you are employed in your company. Doing your company is different. This means that you’re outdoors the daily technical facets of keeping it running which you’re MARKETING and Marketing your company. To achieve that, you need to look Business Professional, which means dressing properly in the networking occasions. Now, you are able to conduct business casual if you would like. Personally, i hate suits and ties nearly as much as the following guy, although an additional sports jacket occasionally helps substantially. Try not to think that you could put on Bermuda shorts along with a sports jacket and you will look okay, particularly if you put on individuals knee-high socks together (and do not get me began on sandals!) – you’ll most likely generate some questions or comments which, believe me, you do not need! For the ladies, I’m wise enough to not comment here regarding their appropriate or inappropriate dress. It’s all regulated I’m able to do in order to get my socks to complement.

The thing is this…if you want to become given serious attention in a networking event, if you would like others to understand that you simply bring your business as well as your image seriously which you’re a business professional who’s not going anywhere soon, then you need to dress properly. Image is everything and once more, people form a viewpoint individuals inside the first seven seconds of SEEING you. Once that opinion is created it’s nearly impossible to alter it within the eyes of the perception holder.