Integrating Gps navigation With Application Technology and Web Services


Gps navigation systems are presently requested in mobile products. Consider a credit card applicatoin like a crm or perhaps a web service whose decision support system could be according to location aware services. Some techniques of integrating Gps navigation with application technology and web services are talked about within the foregoing sections.

Programs according to location aware services:

some factors which may change from area to area are:

1. Local rent

2. Local legal sales laws and regulations

3. Local corporate laws and regulations

4. Local foreign exchange rate

5. Local market information

Customer relation ship management:

CRM programs according to location aware services can integrate local tax laws and regulations or legal rules for sales. Within this situation customer quotes could be conditionally provided based upon the position of the asking for user. The quotes could be directly transformed into local currency using Gps navigation to recognize the position of the asking for user and supplying for foreign exchange rates immediately. Presently whenever a local exchange rate will be utilized in a credit card applicatoin, it needs to feel the procedure for maintaining your address from the user as well as the procedure for retrieving the neighborhood exchange rate directly rather than asking for for that address.

Enterprise resource planning:

ERP programs can utilize location aware services for figuring out, inventory holding costs according to local property prices. Also, ERP programs can directly carry out the order fulfillment module by pointing the shipment to some specific warehouse location without having to spend data entry effort on developing a complex routing formula the costing module can offer mean rental rates etc inside a particular local that you can use for carrying out let’s say analysis, etc.

Database localization issues:

Database localization issues could be resolved easily by real-time integration of Gps navigation using the configuration system from the databases. By doing this there don’t have to be any manual configuration associated with localization from the databases with regards to the location.

Application UI language issues:

Programs which require to become displayed in unicode figures sets for example Kanji or Mandarin etc can be simply rerouted using Gps navigation integration. For instance a web-based Indian magazine can instantly serve all pages in multiple languages according to the position of the asking for user.

Web services:

Web services have grown to be critical part of today’s application services today. Web services can be used for supplying business to business integration to programs. Additionally they offer information for example eoq for stocks, remaining balance for charge cards. An internet service if integrated with Gps navigation can offer for particular market information which requires property rates, local foreign exchange rates, etc.

Business / healthcare analytics:

Business programs for example analytics which offer data analysis value for example customer profiling if integrated with location aware services can offer for leading edge value addition for example location specific market segmentation, product preferences, etc.

Healthcare analytics can when integrated with location aware services can offer causal analysis for health trends which occur because of geographic imbalances or cultural imbalances. For instance a place having a prevalence of partnerships within relatives can raise a pointer perfectly into a specific genetic disorder or perhaps a place with past drought can offer analysis of illnesses associated with lack of nutrition.

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