The Tools in Google’s Search Console to Complete SEO Tasks

There are a lot of reasons web masters need to use Google Search Console for building visibility as Google Search integrates more machine learning. Syncing a lot of Google platforms allows the life of providers of search engine optimisation services to be lived with a higher degree of planning and confidence in place. The search engine giant ramps up how webmasters can make use of the tool for SEO tasks with various new features. The Search Console announced the property sets idea, a handy way for integrating several properties for both sites and mobile apps into a single place. The SEO tasks of monitoring overall SERP impressions and viewer clicks are abridged with access in one report.  The following are the SEO tools in the Google Search Console.

Google Structured Data Markup Helper

This tool makes it easier and simpler to directly embed structured data markup into website pages. By embedding structured data markup correctly, the structured content of a site exists in order to help all search engines apart from Google.


Pick your product, model number, size, color and brand and this tool generates an HTML code example that has microdata included. You can make use of it as your guide if you implement structured data on your site.

Google Data Highlighter

This easy to use tool allows webmasters to inform Google of the structured data pattern on your website without editing your HTML. Know though that this markup method can only be used for Google. With Data Highlighter, you can easily markup third party general resource material which support your page topic’s source.

List of Google Site Links

Google has a list of recognized backlinks which point to your site.  Although it punishes low quality links and link schemes, the Search Console is not the easiest tool that webmasters can use for SEO cleanup that works on the linking structure of your site. Be abreast of what constitutes a violation.


Number of Indexed Pages

Each business should have a healthy amount of texts accessible by search engine in their site to be valuable to visitors. Use the Search Console for following the number of pages being indexed. Note every page it misses, know the reason why and make some improvements to increase your site’s visibility in SERPs.

Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

The Google Search Console provides a new AMP pages report that has been updated in order to enhance better grouping and categorization of pages that have the same issues. Also it offers a vital tool for evaluating the mobile friendliness of your site for standard web pages.

Search Term Reports

Google encrypted all earned search traffic. The Not-Provided data’s percentage in Google Analytics had been increasing; however, its levels have made it almost impossible to find much of the original SEO reporting in analytics.

The reason why we don’t get Google Analytics keyword reports anymore is the organic keyword-level data’s encryption because of privacy concerns. A lot of people want to learn whether or not Google Analytics Premium will offer keyword-level data while the 360 version has become available.

Author Bio: James is a tech savvy writer. He has written hundreds of blog posts and articles on the  best search engine optimisation services in the UK.