General Tips on Movavi Video Converter for Mac

Movavi Video Converter for Mac is suitable for people who regularly download movies of various formats online. Certain formats of videos cannot be played on your mobile device or the media player on your computer. To watch the video, you will need to convert it into a format that is compatible with your device or media player. The only way to convert the video into your preferred format is to buy a video converter software. Free versions usually can’t convert the video properly. Some free versions can install spyware or virus on your computer so it is best to purchase a video converter software.

Movavi Video Converter for Mac is one of the best video converter software because it allows you to choose from more than 200 types of video formats. The videos that you have converted can be burned onto a DVD ROM. You can use Movavi Video Converter for Mac to convert the videos into a format that is playable on devices such as tablets, mobile phone. When the software launch, you will see a big empty space that says drag your file here. You are supposed to drag the video files you want to convert into the area.

It shows several information on the video files you have loaded in the area such as codec, subtitles, size of original video, size of converted video, conversion format, and quality of the converted video. Taking a look at these details can help you to determine the best video format to choose. The information is handy if you want your video to be compressed to a smaller size or a certain quality. All the video files that you dragged into the area will be converted into the same format. Get more details at

The format that you want to convert into can be selected below. The slider shows the video format in big thumbnails. To select a format, you simply click on it. The format that you choose will be shown in the output format field. You can overwrite the videos in the same folder or save the videos in a different folder. The built-in video editor supports a number of editing functions such as trim, merge, and add text. You can preview the video in the video editor. If you plan to upload the converted video into an online services, you can specify it in the upload to drop down menu at the bottom.

Each preset format offers a few choices of screen resolution for you to choose from such as 1920×1080, 1136×640 and etc. Movavi Video Converter for Mac is very easy to use because instructions have been provided from the time you launch the software to guide you. The video converter software can be used to convert audio and images files as well. The trial version of Movavi Video Converter for Mac is available in the latest versions of Mac computer. You can download it to see if you are satisfied in how it convert your video before making the decision to buy it.