Converting Videos to Different Video or Audio Formats with Movavi Video Converter for Mac

Sometimes you may want to convert your videos from one format to another – or maybe even switch them to an audio format and save them as an audio file. That may not sound very easy, but it really boils down to a question of the converter that you try to use to get the job done.

If you opt to use Movavi Video Converter for Mac, you’ll find that converting videos to a different video or audio format is really a walk in the park. It doesn’t matter whether you have any idea what the formats are or how they work – and you don’t need any experience at all to convert your videos.

To put it simply, all you need to do to convert a video is to launch Movavi Video Converter for Mac, add the video, choose a format, then click the ‘Convert’ button. Rest assured it really is as easy as it sounds, and the intuitive interface will simplify each and every step that is involved.

In order to add a video, you need only click on the ‘Add Media’ button near the top-left part of the interface, then click ‘Add Video’ and select the video that you want to add. If you prefer you could drag and drop the video file directly into the main area of Movavi Video Converter for Mac’s interface, as that will add it as well.

Next to select a format you should click on the ‘Video’ or ‘Audio’ tab near the bottom part of the interface and select one of the formats that are listed. It is worth noting that instead of choosing a format you could choose one of the built-in presets under the ‘Devices’ tab in Movavi Video Converter for Mac that will automatically optimize your video for a specific device or platform.

Before you start to convert your video, you could also take advantage of the other features in Movavi Video Converter for Mac. More specifically you could choose to compress your video or edit it by cutting and joining video segments, enhancing the video quality, adding captions or cropping and rotating the frame.

In any case when you’re satisfied you can click ‘Convert’, and Movavi Video Converter for Mac will start to convert your video based on the specifications that you set up. By following these steps you could use it as an MPEG converter, or to convert any other formats that you may run into.

As you can see it isn’t difficult to convert videos into either video or audio formats using Movavi Video Converter for Mac. Now that you know what to do, the next time you need to convert a video for any reason – be sure to give it a go.