Three Simple Home Security Options

There may have never been a more important time to have quality home security.  Sure, there have been societies in the past where it was easy to commit theft and other crimes becomes homes were not very well protected, but in recent times in our civil society, we have laws intended to prevent even bigger crimes from happening. Home security measures not only protect you and your family and your belongings from theft, but they also reduce the risk of physical harm from encountering a potential criminal in your home.

And here are three simple ways you can improve your home security:


While Hikvision security cameras would be an obvious choice, security alarm windows can also be quite an effective addition. Most burglars gain access to a home through front or back door or through a first floor window.  If you have alarms on your windows, then, it could easily deter someone from going any further.  Even if they might break your windows to gain entry, the very loud and obnoxious alarm will easily wake up the neighborhood and likely alert the authorities.  While this does not necessarily prevent criminals from attempting to break in, the hope is that it can scare them away if they try; and they are not vulnerable to dvr back door like some networked devices would be.


Another smart security addition you can make is to install smart locks on your doors.  Now, this is another measure that will not, necessarily provide better security than a standard deadbolt, but it couldn’t hurt!  You see, you can remotely control and program smart locks. That means you can lock your doors from far away if you forgot to do so when you left. You can also unlock them remotely if you need to let someone in perhaps a dog walker or someone who is watering your plants while you are on vacation and then lock it back up again.

Smart locks also have the added benefit of increased convenience. You can unlock your doors from the car so it is easier to bring in your groceries. If you forget your keys you can also unlock the door with your phone.


A video doorbell can let you get a better view of who is at your front door.  A traditional doorbell lets you see through a fisheye lens, which is a little distorted.  A video doorbell, on the other hand, gives you a clear, live picture in 1080p high definition, so you can definitely determine who it is.